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Vaccinations and Autism – Linked or Not Linked? Part II of III

So, in my last post I discussed what vaccines were, what types of  vaccines there are, and what they are composed of (different substances you might find in a vaccine).
In this post, I will address the more controversial points about vaccination – do they cause serious diseases, and most of all, is there a link [...]

Vaccinations are DEADLY – or NOT??? First of a Series…

So a family friend asked me to investigate the dangers of vaccination, and of course this would prompt a look into the “possible” link between vaccination and autism.  There are many really good studies out there, some from both camps (those against and those for vaccination), and the results seem to be nearly all [...]

Diabetes and Exercise – what’s the big deal???

Due to the large percentage of the population currently with the condition known as diabetes (it is estimated as of a 2007 study that 7.8% of the population currently HAS diabetes, and another 25.9% of adults age 20 and over has pre-diabetes), many people are talking about prevention and exercise.  I’ll touch on the prevention [...]

Nuclear waste – are there green solutions to the problem?

Countries like France get up to 80% of their power from nuclear power plants.  The US gets about 20% from nuclear power – but we produce more waste products than the French do.  Is there a solution?  Will be be buried under a mountain of nuclear waste?  Read on!
In my last post on nuclear power, [...]

Stem cells – should they be used? What is ethically and morally right – you decide.

Before I dive into the meat of this topic, I just want to give a shout out to Method:  The Best Science Blogs for syndicating this blog.  If you have a chance, check them out – their address is  And now, on with the show…
So I was thinking about other topics to write about, [...]