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The wonders of our cells – the Immune System part I

The human body is made up of many different kinds of cells.  Some of these are quite underappreciated; others are pretty much disliked for what they do.  Cells of the immune system protect us every single day from the microscopic world that is continually trying to eat away at our bodies.  In this article, I [...]

Comment Policy at Science & Medicine…

Hello all!  I just wanted to do a quick post about the comment policy here at Science and Medicine – For The Rest Of Us.  First of all, please see our comment page.  If you have posted here before, and been approved, your comment *should* automatically show up.  If this is your first time commenting [...]

The Disease-Ridden Masses: Does Vaccination Cause Disease? Part III of III

So, in my first article, I talked about what vaccines are, and what types of substances are in them.  In my second article, I discussed the possible link between autism and vaccinations.  In this article, the final part of a 3 part series, I am going to discuss whether vaccines actually cause disease, and whether [...]

Vaccinations and Autism – Linked or Not Linked? Part II of III

So, in my last post I discussed what vaccines were, what types of  vaccines there are, and what they are composed of (different substances you might find in a vaccine).
In this post, I will address the more controversial points about vaccination – do they cause serious diseases, and most of all, is there a link [...]

Diabetes and Exercise – what’s the big deal???

Due to the large percentage of the population currently with the condition known as diabetes (it is estimated as of a 2007 study that 7.8% of the population currently HAS diabetes, and another 25.9% of adults age 20 and over has pre-diabetes), many people are talking about prevention and exercise.  I’ll touch on the prevention [...]